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A few winter days in Grand Rapids, Michigan (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

A stay in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I wanted ever since I received a postcard with the bright red lighthouse standing on the shore of one of the Great Lakes. I was particularly impressed by the contrast between the sand dunes, sparkling blue water and scarlet beacon. Postcard stood a long time on my desktop, and sometimes carries me far, far away from mundane concerns - to the distant singing sands of Lake ...

                Grand Rapids met us bad weather - a drizzling rain which leaves white fluffy snow drifts December. Only one day gave us the sun, and then only for a short while, the clouds very quickly returned to its usual place. But the weather, as we know, do not choose ...

                First we went to the park Grand Haven, where one of the red beacon. A cold wind seemed to be permeated through and almost knocked off his feet, a pleasant feeling uk steroids shop of added ice spray, brought by a lake. But, despite the cold, gray expanse of water surface with white horses foam and pale sand - it was a beacon of my cards.

                Lighthouse Grand Haven (1839)

Next stop on the road - a bay Holland settlement of Danish immigrants, with another red lighthouse - Big Red (Big Red), as the locals call it. We envy the lighthouse protected steel plates from the strong wind that crept under our jackets quite smoothly and decided to relocate to some warmer place - Meijer Gardens.

                Big Red Lighthouse (Big Red)

Meijer Gardens pleased us with a warm golden light, and a large exhibition of Christmas trees from around the world. The most interesting exhibits were Ukrainian and Russian trees - would never have thought that we have anabolic steroids uk to decorate the Christmas tree big black spiders and Welcome to a vault cobwebs. Somehow it's more like a local Holluin. Quickly impending dusk and drizzling rain did not have to walk through the gardens with wonderful sculptures. It was possible to see only the bronze "American Horse" by sculptor Nina Akama, a copy of the famous sculpture by Leonardo da Vinci, which was destroyed before smelting.

                Christmas nativity scene

The next day we spent walking in the middle, a little history, and not very znametyh buildings - a total of about 10 units, transporting us from the 19th century to the White House of the 1970s, the waterfront park steroids for sale uk with green Ah-Nab-Auen (Ah-Nab- Awen), which used to be an Indian settlement in fishnet foot bridge over the river and the Grand river to a small skyscraper. And back in the 19th century - Monroe Street - three blocks of old buildings with shops and restaurants, and further stone angels in the windows of the building of St. Cecilia Music Society, pointed windows of the Cathedral of St. Andrew... Circled the city, we get to City Hall - City Hall with the famous sculpture of Alexander Calder's "grand Elan» (La Grande Vitesse)

- its image can be seen everywhere - from street signs to garbage cans. La Grande Vitesse was the symbol of the first Festival of the Arts in 1970 and has since become a symbol of the city, or rather a reflection of his artistic soul.

                'Grandiose Elan' (La Grande Vitesse) Alex Calder

All last day we wandered around the Hill Heritage - a small area to the east of the center of Grand Rapids, limited Lafayette Avenue (Lafayette Avenue) to the west, street Pleasant (Pleasant Street) from the south, Union Avenue (Union Avenue) in the east and the street of Michigan (Michigan Street) to the north. The first building was built in 1845 and, since 1860, began active development. We started with the house, which is splendidly located in the middle and who has long wanted to see - Meyer May House (Meyer May House) - one of the last buildings of architect Frank Lloyd Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright), postoroennyh in the prairie style. Unlike typical Victorian houses, this house fits into the landscape without disturbing a single line and bending. The impression that he had stood on this very spot since time began.

                Windows, Meyer May House

According to the number of windows you can not predict how many rooms in the house, for the external symmetry, for example, Wright added a box in the closet. The entrance is not at the front of the house, and on the side, and come off the interior space is simply breathtaking. Decorating rooms, carpets, windows, design, furniture - everything was designed and made in the same style. This house feels very comfortable, once at home and wants to stay priset window on a wide bench with plenty of pillows, open a book and wait for someone to bring you a hot cup of sweet tea ...

                Another house caught our attention - House Voigt (Voigt House Victorian Museum) - postorenny style of French chateau in 1908 for the founder of a clothing store in Michigan in May (May's of Michigan clothing store). On the veranda of the house stood a group of old ladies in elegant dresses and huge fancy red hats, they talked and laughed, posed for pictures, and then a bird flew off into the house. I do not know that they celebrated, but the soul was somehow warmer and more fun from their Wishing You a peaceful Twitter.

                Voigt House (1895), Heritage Hill

Three days - a lot or a little ... they passed very quickly, even imperceptibly. Much remains not seen - Tulip Festival in Holland, garden sculpture Meyer, Danish windmills is ... I guess it's time to pack their bag again ...