The Council Of George Gakkenshmidt

What I write in this Chapter may sound "new" but actually it is not. In fact, I only repeat old awful truths. Well, I'm hardly the only person who wrote or spoke about the importance of heavy weights. In the past literally everyone understood how important it is to lift heavy weights. I agree with that were all really more info strong and well developed the old-timers. Here he writes, for example, Georg Gakkenshmidt (nicknamed the "Russian lion") in his autobiography (p. 71):

"Some trainers recommend... to train all muscle groups with the same light load, believing that with frequent repetitions you can achieve the same effect.

However, experience shows that this is not so - look at the muscles of people or animals, characterized by great stamina, and You will see that they are by no means called periaswamy. Runners at long range or cyclists always have relatively thin legs - as well as race horses, deer and greyhounds. Nature always act in accordance with. Therefore, there is a big difference between the manifestations of endurance and show of power."

Further, Gakkenshmidt continues the same idea:

"It can be concluded that, despite the ability to increase muscle with prolonged exercise performed with a lighter load, this leads to the fact that affected the development of tendons - and after all the tendons bones transmit the action of the muscles. Tendons can be trained and strengthened only with the help of heavy weights."

Gakkenshmidt, was absolutely right. His observation was 100% correct. Surprising and a little strange that such obvious things are forgotten after only seventy years. How did it happen that from a world where everyone view understood the importance of working with heavy vasami in training, we found ourselves in a world where different "experts" teach us to take light weight to move as slowly as possible and "feel" the weight throughout the amplitude up and down? As the world of dinosaurs, we got into the world of bunnies? How did this happen?