The Impact Of The Environment

Sometimes the important factor is the impact of the environment. For example, I remember I flew to Denver, making a promotional trip before the publication of his book, and immediately went to the gym together with the television team. When turned on the light and started the camera, I got excited and did a lot of bench presses, then moved on to other exercises within twenty minutes I was so exhausted that could barely stand up. Producer said to me, "OK, enough is enough", and I thought that I, perhaps, also quite! I soon realized what the problem was: we were at altitude a mile above sea level and my lungs do not receive oxygen enough. I ought to be careful if I was going to work in full force at this altitude before the body will adapt to the more rarefied atmosphere.

Another environmental factor that creates a problem for bodybuilders is the high humidity. Try to train in Florida or Hawaii in the summer without air conditioning click, and you'll find you just can't do the exercises in a normal rhythm. I once went to South Africa with Reg Park in Austria was the middle of winter, and on the other side of the equator, stood a very hot and humid summers - and found that while most of the exercises I have to reset from thirty to fifty pounds from the usual weight rods. Only a week later, my body acclimated to a completely new environment.

The cold gives the same effect. Before Christmas, during a break in filming of "Conan", I flew from Spain to Austria along with Franco Columbo, and every day we trained in the cold in the unheated garage with the door open. Never have I had to work in this cold, and I've learned that exercising in such conditions requires special adaptation: you need to be kneaded much more thoroughly, and take warm clothing even after you start to sweat, in addition, you should be very careful, because in the cold your hands begin to literally freeze to metal when working with a barbell or dumbbells. I quickly adapted to those conditions, since previously trained at a low temperature, but still need additional effort to carry out a good training in the absence of the bright sun and warm climate of California, to which we are accustomed.

Another obstacle, which may cause long-term developmental delay, is trauma. Many bodybuilders more have been able to avoid serious injury, but you should take this into consideration. The most severe case happened with me during training, and when the platform for posing on suddenly collapsed during one of the contests in South Africa. I seriously hurt my knee and for some time feared that my career in bodybuilding is over. The first doctor to which I asked, advised me to abandon training, but I soon realized that he was not versed in sports and sports injuries. So I found another doctor.